BioRenew® PTM Therapy™ is used to successfully treat patients suffering from many injuries, arthritis, degenerative conditions and other ailments holding people from living a much more functional life.

Relief from Arthritis


Results following one treatment with BioRenew® PTM Therapy™ for knee, shoulder, hip and wrist arthritis.

Successful Treatment of Orthopedic Sports Injuries


In this published study, patients with acute or chronic tendon and muscle injuries received a single treatment of BioRenew® PTM Therapy™.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Foot and Ankle Injuries


BioRenew® PTM Therapy™ was used to treat patients who had failed conventional treatment, and would have otherwise required surgery. 12 out of 17 patients recovered completely after just one treatment.

Clinical Case Studies


CASE 1: shoulder injury

45 year old female that with severe right shoulder pain after tripping on a phone cord and landing directly on her right shoulder.


CASE 2: KNEE injury

48 year old male with right knee pain for 6 months following a sports injury, resulting in a meniscal and MCL tear.

CASE 3: Elbow pain

49 year old male, ER Physician, with 25 years of chronic elbow pain.

CASE 4: knee pain

59 yr/old female with chronic knee pain post partial knee replacement. Patient is very active and an avid swimmer. Her pain is getting in the way of enjoying these activities.

case 5: shoulder INJURY

70 year old female suffering from left shoulder pain and extremely limited range of motion after a severe fall.

Case 6: Knee injury

81 year old female with chronic left knee pain for one year. Total Knee replacement was recommended by orthopedic surgeon. She wanted to avoid surgery.